My fellow cheaters, I present to you my Lineage 2 Client Collection!
I have been collecting clients for many years as far back as C4 and decided to share all the clients I have collected over the years.
This post is for all the Lineage 2 client collectors and private server owners out there who (like me) just need to have them.
I hope you enjoy these and find a good use for them.
These clients are original, unmodified non-patched and non-updated other then of Ertheia & Infinite Odyssey.
Note* Please use Firefox or Chrome with the MEGA plugin to download files larger then 1GB.
To make downloading easier please use Jdownloader 2 http://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2
If any links die, feel free to reply here I can upload them again.

To check the hashes use your favorite hash checker or try Hash Calc. https://github.com/gurnec/HashCheck/releases
Easy to use and works with the hash files located with the clients.



00 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Prelude (Beta)
Size: 1,035,219,724 Bytes
MD4: a471148e856172f70a99f80c36b7565f
MD5: c8dede814654bb31bcfca84409dcf54a
SFV: 4e41c6d5
SHA1: 2be17e47aeea7ec9b05a312a0b36b6e226affc3b
Version: 2110???



01 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle I - Harbingers of War

Size: 1,408,286,417 Bytes
MD4: 69412fad27a0e2b1740fe5d09276d0ea
MD5: fb529041247eba63ff5eae9259d32907
SFV: a7194fba
SHA1: 263806bdfabe42550c639f05120445f66022d1e3
Version: 20040120



02 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle II - Age of Splendor

Size:  1,741,570,531 Bytes
MD4: 69412fad27a0e2b1740fe5d09276d0ea
MD5: 3d2dfbe22dcdbbaf6207bdd462634101
SFV: 474283fd
SHA1: 91db90ace7beb5d9511db732eeebc4a391452003
Version: Unknown (Sorry can't find it) Original Client



03 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle III - Rise of Darkness

Size:  2,020,964,081 Bytes
MD4: c645e9af87f6261c68e7300362674b26
MD5: d50340ddccd70b39de89a78e0e19d054
SFV: ea2c3b19
SHA1: 989f680fe3176ec1e754ca3c350eb6e7aab55b75
Version: 35



04 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle IV - Scions of Destiny

Size:  2,486,325,936 Bytes
MD4: e3b5fef8e53337b0e791dbab4e9b304f
MD5: d551e337edeef28cbd790824806bfd0f
SFV: aaf197f2
SHA1: 51ab07241f2ace0ada8dc5af7b99c50d63937499
Version: 40.0.0



05 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle V - Oath of Blood

Size:  3,025,460,459 Bytes
MD4: 1c7c48c4548033fdefeb576647881ee4
MD5: 3431a478100bf63fd4ae1181511a88fa
SFV: e730db44
SHA1: 8c624e9f067db2d3b31eec715cf08cb5c416eb45
Version: 73.6.8041



06 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Interlude

Size:  3,209,918,284 Bytes
MD4: e32a73f30fc90f92bcbb0191f358f592
MD5: db3416ff19f047fbeca3f21f6bd27103
SFV: 0f57ed01
SHA1: 0bd16658e4f5eb64be250723890743b9c0e77de4
Version: 90.7.2281



07 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 1st Throne - The Kamael

Size:  3,996,494,790 Bytes
MD4: 24c5b8efae8a82b6e3dbc479c3121f20
MD5: e1ea93e522c675cf146745894a353d6e
SFV: 3e89ecbb
SHA1: f9c738b1a9b2ca9cd3c598e6f8e619bf1678e36c
Version: 109.7.12031



08 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 1st Throne - The Kamael - Hellbound

Size:  4,066,972,835 Bytes
MD4: 6615e7d43e14dad7035c576356272790
MD5: def77c07b3d8670475cd2b5db2a19f77
SFV: 46772eb2
SHA1: 53f4b6d2a5ef5d3a92f8a6a09c2ad8fea9412a4c
Version: 122.8.4141



09 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia

Size: 4,147,544,781 Bytes
MD4: fd0160e4255c54a89e4c9b1395dfe0d7
MD5: f268d0fd5c9a05cb3bf35c9bdec03138
SFV: e9e281ea
SHA1: 0bb4c36ffaff2d5b39d629cb10c61d5422e0d5ef
Version: 131.8.7311



10 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia 2

Size:  4,200,419,772 Bytes
MD4: 6c607753be56245529b4d5e60a37ebca
MD5: aea3e81bef1971a490fde5210ad86982
SFV: 11efaee2
SHA1: 03324f5913b9c8e7f0ed2d66457735d3b296d9f3
Version: 135.0.0



11 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia Final

Size:  4,865,944,588 Bytes
MD4: 44838022143c51f82afe12ab8053f843
MD5: e484757b2be733903f488a6d8125bb79
SFV: fcbccf51
SHA1: 80b0b77dfdac71d4d5998e9b7fa46b46012a805d
Version: 152.0.0



12 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Epilogue

Size:  5,191,798,480 Bytes
MD4: e6df2571ae07dd4abf9e1d279f8689ce
MD5: 1bda47628ed8f2fcb2ed5f624579b9ff
SFV: 28b9b924
SHA1: 817b290a0597a6bca9efaa7b566266e8153810ea
Version: 170.0.0



13 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Freya

Size:  5,833,212,503 Bytes
MD4: 435612f188a36240ac4969a8f3d798ae
MD5: b0cc4ca3e987b67ac8c2d5cebf79eba1
SFV: 21cf5597
SHA1: 4473c8dd6a99be3d556641bb54530aaacf9f30c6
Version: 2.6



14 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Freya - High Five

Size:  6,126,940,346 Bytes
MD4: ba82edbeb1e84b150c01f64efba67a35
MD5: c8eeaed1a4328486c2ad913209579e2e
SFV: 1057c5b3
SHA1: 5e31d8dce7418218dddb0a4995c12b5e882fca4d
Version: 198.0.0



15 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction

Size:  6,129,276,610 Bytes
MD4: 0fc9c295c50108c9093d0dff8497e8e3
MD5: 159e330cfe894c57d511ee1ad0fcf6b8
SFV: bf091c32
SHA1: 5d5aa3fea5f73f5f64366ebd9ab1880cec63458e



16 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Harmony

Size:  6,247,247,102 Bytes
MD4: 130f63cb5ab205cc544d43f3fb048cb8
MD5: 4f5461c66964832c4fe8eab2ba63a13b
SFV: bea03977
SHA1: da77cb98c6ab2bbfb2128b12573b7d3d0c8ee00d



17 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Tauti

Size:  6,512,350,444 Bytes
MD4: fd1f67e4601c0f3fc7a00501b27a0c1c
MD5: 1bfd997362e220b7c5b1eeaa19e23040
SFV:  7a75e5fa
SHA1: 85ee5605f9d7085450f6ee65125a309edbba0513



18 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Glory Days

Size:  6,637,660,873 Bytes
MD4: 2fe2f520ee6f09c51c85b1589aeec205
MD5: fbd9e02f9e4d2d5d410058fcb97fc494
SFV: cdf24771
SHA1: c4b4e6696fd3eff9d687029be0c291b37d9e3b22



19 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Lindvior

Size:  7,192,754,409 Bytes
MD4: 642e798b28a0404d706b4f6bc8103319
MD5: 093fb6e60dae6754859c51a58dd4c6c2
SFV: d7ce983e
SHA1: 1067673288979e0f187ba5d7317857d0fd9ca3e2



20 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Valliance

Size:  (7,282,510,313 Bytes
MD4: f6a46da6a9bfb0ec1f653d8daaf28103
MD5: 99f2a558b95b3b6dceb76c8f4dcd5ae8
SFV: 539384f8
SHA1: 03caf5c6322da8e43d910fa42adee6784db95a07



21 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Ertheia

Size:  7,869,495,037 Bytes
MD4: 9203c405ebfe034601be73bd1bd5c355
MD5: 2fa397761844e9cf937bac53761cc667
SFV: 4a4c663e
SHA1: bbe9b58d46bcab4c2c392e985a1567b25f107123



22 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Infinite Odyssey

Size: 8,054,754,689 Bytes
MD4: cf8881f1d978f1b417129d0f4f002675
MD5: 05b7ff95174fde2adf81f1c53275c369
SFV: f741f97d
SHA1: 7570dc5a6ad23d496250cef1ab1ae9a9b0c4116a


23 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Helios

Size: 8,276,007,144
MD5:  d1284e9e80fda17855619a9cb6da428f
SFV:  3e465f8c
SHA1: 12ab9db7fd37ed5511d31ed98484309e7a3c851d
SHA256: 431671f257b13995d03671986ee4425ec24bc53fc6e835e4a8ee89bc3f2adfc0
SHA3-256: 2882368e3be5d1d20586c216e3f7305ef7d488c74b57a04d8b8b435ae0392857



24 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Grand Crusade

Size: 8,518,060,874
MD5: 3eb39292520b4032404b5eecc1780339
SFV: 8f512b71
SHA1: 752e1534ded8d3ebbc0f4eea9b7c74f7b107dee9
SHA256: 5aac250beffb0b040be958fd878a6ff5d19eb775b48322910cbe0ac8808ae87e
SHA3-256: 6498d1456a8df116a1d98d28b7ba2e6852a67a41c362e8fc0463aefcb8c88aa0

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