Guide is applied to INTERLUDE

There is a chance ,that i will update it to latest chronicles,if i play bishop there.But this is for Interlude

Also notice that guide isn't for low rate servers/servers without mana potions

There,you act in a different way


Following this guide isn't gonna make anyone pro.Though,if you follow some things,you can still become a good player,surviving a lot.Then,with proper experience you can become too


You should follow some parts of the guide STRICT(talking about armory/buffs/dyes/jewels) and then build some own things


Anyway,let's start


To become a Cardinal ,you need to go through


[*]Human Mage





Let's see the most basic skills of bishop.


Heals/Reinforcement skills!


skill1218_0.pngGreater Battle Heal: Your best heal,quick and powerful,though it costs quite a lot mana :(

skill1402_0.pngMajor Group Heal: Your best group heal.It's more powerful than target heal,used in party,but it has bigged cooldown & mana cost.Requires Spirit Ores

skill1335_0.pngBalance Life: It balances your party member's life.Very useful in PvP

skill1311_0.pngBody Of Avatar: It gives quite a lot HP @ your party.It's power/CD depends on server,but it's still useful.It also gives the effect of Bless The Body (lvl6-doesn't stack)

skill1409_0.pngCleanse: Cancels almost all debuffs of your target.Requires Einhasad Holy Water

skill1016_0.pngResuccation: It res-es your target.

skill1254_0.pngMass Res: It makes res @ your nearby ALLIES.Quite bigger cd/casting time than simple res

skill1307_0.png Prayer: When you have this buff(party buff) heal effectiveness is increased

skill1418_0.pngCelestial Shield: Makes your target invulnerable to any damage/debuff

skill1258_0.pngRestore Life: Restores 30% of your targets max life.Useful on Tanks ;P

skill1410_0.pngSalvation: Your target will auto ressed when dies.Use it on you :) .It has the same effect with nobless,also

skill1271_0.pngBenediction: It restores FULLY your party's HP,if your mana is below 25%.Kinda big Cooldown

skill1219_0.pngGroup Heal: It restores your party's HP.Not so useful,but it adds a HP regeneration buff,too

skill1018_0.pngPurify: It cancels paralyze attacks of your target

skill1353_0.pngDivine Protection: Increases your targets resist to dark attacks(aka Necro ones).Useful when this buff isn't available  @ npc buffer ;D

skill0336_0.pngArcana Wisdom: Toogle.When used,decreases your cast speed,and MANA COST of skills.Consumes HP/second

skill1430_0.pngMedication: Self-targeted skill.Put yourself into a paralyze,while your mana gets repaired.Your PDEF is also lowered


'Attacking' Skills


skill1394_0.pngTrance: Puts your target into sleep.Little cooldown/casting time,nice success rate

skill1360_0.pngBlock Shield: It cancels your nearby enemies shield buffs + it adds a debuff to them,so they can't have any shield buff till it's over

skill1361_0.pngBlock Wind Walk: Same as Block shield,but for speed buffs

skill1398_0.pngMana burn: Burns enemies mana(quite useful in Oly)

skill1400_0.pngTurn Undead: It has 50% possibility to make a LETHAL strike @ an Undead mob.Requires spirit ores

skill1028_0.pngMighty Heaven: Deals damage on mobs(88 power).Can be used ONLY vs Undead mobs.

skill1395_0.pngErase It sends enemy's PET into another dimension



Just...get an acumen weapon


Better get a Sword Of Miracles,or Vahalla,cause they are acumen,and they consume 1 BS

And they are easier to obtain,than an AM ;P



Here,we have a deal

Imo,there are 3 choices


Dark Crystal

You have extra casting speed and speed.Mostly preferable choice



Major arcana

You have more PDEF and Stun/Cancel resistance.But you have less casting speed thatn DC



Tallum Robe

You have a bit more less casting speed than Dark Crystal,but more Mdef



Majestic Robe

A good alternative of Major Arcana,if you can't afford it(Stun Resistance)



My recommendation:

While playing random pvps,use Dark Crystal.Fast casting is a big +

If playing in a mage mostly server,use DC.Tallum isn't that good,imo


If playing in a fighter mostly server,use Major Arcana.You need that extra PDEF+ Stun resist

Especially in Mid Rate IL servers,where many archers/warlords exist in PvPs





I won't give links/images of jewels this time


You should use Tateo jewel set.For start


Regarding about Raid boss jewels


Ring of Baium/Tateo

Tateo Ring





Not 2 same rings at the same time!


You should NOT use AQ.It's useless

About baium,it's not a must

Orfen gives heal increase,so i'ts nice

Antharas/Zaken are needed for stun resist

Frintezza is better than Valakas,since it gives more resists(stun dark etc)




Since you can't put any INT dye,you will have to decrease MEN



Wit +5 Men -5

(you can put +3-3 +2-2 or +4-4 +1-1 dyes)


Con +4 Str -4

Stun resistance + life,uber needed


Skill enchants

You can enchant your skills at OREN temple at Vadin


Your first priority is heal skills,among with Prayer @ time


Misc Items

Here are some items,you should ALWAYS have with you


[*]Mana potions

[*]Blessed Spiritshot same with your weapons grade

[*]Spirit Ores

[*]Einhasad Holy Water

[*]Elixir of Life:S

[*]Cp Potions




You should focus on your defence and casting speed.

No Matk buffs allowed,so :)


We have the basic buffs.Shield,magic barrier,dance of contrancation,BTB etc.


Then,regarding server and buff limit we add resists

NEVER take Berseker

Always use COV


If server has 24 buffs slots,i prefer a balanced one.So,i add Divine+elemental protection(for resistance vs mages) and Advanaced protection/blessed shield (resistance vs Fighters)

If server is a mage one(fighters sax) replace 2 fighter resists with  unholy protection/dance of aqua or song of storm guard

If server has more slots,don't forget to take ALL resists you can,and don't forget NOT getting berseker and taking COV


Here are 2 examples,one with 24buff slots,and one with 36 or unlimited

Note that instead of nobless you should have Salvation


also,except 2 last buffs in 24 buff example,dance of aqua and song of storm guard should be in start(before bless shield- i was too lazy to rebuff :P)



General  Tactics

Playing as Bishop isn't an easy business

[*]First of all,you should turn your party's config to DEBUFFS,in order to Cleanse them

[*]You should always take care of every player in your Party.

        Balance Life and Major heal/Body of Avatar are better than Greater Battle heal

[*]You should have 2 armors.A DarkCrystal and a Major Arcana.If you are playing vs some archers/daggers,major arcana saves your ass,cause most time you should use DC

[*]If daggers attack you,try not showing your back,and just healing.

         Turn at them,use mass wind walk and shield,and trance them,while group healing.

[*]If mages attack you,try to heal yourself/trance them.They will deal shitty dmg anyway,since you will have many resists

[*]When a close range fighter comes,use mass block wind walk and try to get away(like vs gladiators/tyrant/titans/warlords).Use trance too,if they aren't wearing an IC

[*]Vs tanks,care for healing.Use group heals mostly,and keep your mouse cursor on your name.

[*]When you have tanks party members,use Restore Life at them

[*]When you don't have many mana pots left,consider using Arcane Wisdom(among with DC armor).It will save you :)

[*]Don't make Prayer if your party members don't have buff slots available.Leave party,make it alone and reenter.Or who doesn't want the buff,should do so

[*]If you are in a party with 2 bishops,always keep an eye on other bp's debuffs.He should never have debuffs,cleanse him asap

[*]When you get silenced,use CP pots/Elixir of Life and run

[*]Don't use Group Heal(i am not talking about Major one).In some servers it consumes 1 buff slots,and this is hard T_T.Plus,it's almost useless(little amount of heal)

[*]Use Salvation on your own first,and then at it's first re-use,do it at your tank.

         Always have a ready celestial when you start fighting,cause if you die,you will need to recast it on you



DVC/Imperial are good places to xp.Mobs are undead,and you can kill them by lethaling them

But you mostly look for parties,in high level xp zones.

There,keep using Group heals(in order not provoking mobs) .Remember ,you should not die->cause then,your party dies



About Olympiad

Here,i have almost none experience (:()

But :

You should use a bow/sword in order to attack

Burn enemy's Mana first,among with Trance

Use Mass block ww/shield in start

Use Erase vs Summoners

Αdded:Tactics by Pwnnnz0r^:


In the beginning:

-use a homunkulus conversion (for more mana)

-wear ur DC robe set (more cast)

-burn ur enemies MP (usually for mages, but also for fighters as gladiator, tyrant and others too)

-mass blocks


 After burning ur enemies mana and debuffed him:

-wear ur armor (i dont open l2 from months so i don't even remember what armor i used to use,, maybe draconic dunno)

-wear ur weapon (a dagger or a 1H sword, ofc u need a bow too)

-attack ? ;D



Also ,remember!

a Bishop's role isn't

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