1. Dyes for farm/pvp/oly +5str -5 con +4 wit /  if u'r a good pala u can use +4 str +4 dex -8 con +4 wit i use it sometimes :)

2. Icarus Hammer + rsk.focus / Sword + focus / Bow / it would be nice to have mage wep + nuke aug too.

3. Agro's on - def / root/slam chance / Party ud/angelic on time / vengiance on movement / UD it's ur choice i do it on Time / Sacrifice power / Tribunal crit chance / TOL cost or Time it's ur choice too both are good.

4. Haste / Summoner bers / barrier or long shot choose of ur skill of playing.

5. Start w/ both icons make ref tali or aug so when u hit ur bird u can get flame icon up.

vs Dagger - well just try to catch them w/ root/stun and they are fcuked use u can use ud+time to avoid his ultimate def for 1min and vengiance for theyr 83 lv boosts then u have still one more ud just in case u have low hp to heal :)

vs Summoner - be sure u start w/ both icons it's better to lose bird then start only w/ angelic. When u have both of them and icarus hammer u can kill summon in few sec's and summoner is fcuked. well ofc if he uses invul on pet just rape him till it ends and then try to kill summon if u failed to kill summon just keep him on root/stun all match and u will win for dmg.

vs Gladi - depends on gladi skills somefights are easy like vs archers others. but there is a lot of good gladi these days so it's rly hard vs one of them :) make set for bigger hp like vesper or vorpal and try fight it's rly hard to explain how to fight against a good gladi you just have to know what to do vs every of his attacks look some videos gladi vs pala :)

vs Tyrant - if u get both icons it's not hard but only w/ angelic a little harder if he run's all match just hit him w/ bow and try to land root or smth make macros for sword+shield / bow and just be prepared if he rushes u change to sword use stun/slam.

vs Soulhound - get talisman of protection and they can't do anything to you :) after everysteal just make self buffs and try to root/stun him he is glass.


Well all other match's are not rly hard just need to have some skills w/ pala :)

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