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Improved combat

Improved condition

Improved movement

Improved shield defense

Improved critical attack

Improved magic



Greater shield

Resist shock

Unholy resistance

Holy Resistance

Mental Shield

Divine Protection

Elemental Protection

Chant of Protection

Chant of Revenge

Resist Fire

Resist Aqua

Resist Wind


Song of Warding

Song of Vitality

Song of Wind

Song of Renewal

Song of Champion

Song of Earth

Song of Storm Guard

Song of Elemental


Dance of Concetration

Dance of Warrior

Dance of Fury

Dance of Protection

Dance of Alignment

Dance of Earth Guard

Dance of Aqua Guard







You need Vorpal Heavy set and a acumen weapon.

For olympiad you need Elegia heavy set and vesper cutter foundation focus.

Also you can pvp with moirai heavy MW too,just to avoid stun effects.







Frintezza's necklase (A grade)

Zaken's Earring (S grade)

Earring of Antharas (S grade)

Ring Of Baium (S grade)

Beleth Ring Ant (S grade)







Greater Dye of WIT <wit+4 int-4>

Greater Dye of CON <con+4 str-4>

Greater Dye of WIT <wit+1 int-1>







Attributes its allways depends your server.

(if u want to know inform me about your server with a reply and we ll speak about it)







Enchanter Class (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector, Swordsinger, Bladedancer)

Counter_Barrier.jpgCounter Barrier : 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack for 5 seconds.


Warrior Class (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soul Breaker, Berserker)

Resist_Mental.jpgResist Triat : Increase resistance to Sleep, Hold, Paralize and Shock attacks by 5%


Summoner Class (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner)

Counter_Spirit.jpgCounter Spirit : 3% chance to increase M.Atk, P.atk by 7% and Cst.Spd, Atk.Spd by 8% when under attack for 15 seconds.


That certifications are based on pvp,now if u wonna go oly you can change Resist_Mental.jpgResist Triat to Counter_Haste.jpgChance Haste







I suggest you  Agression active,or Shield passive.



Pvp Strategies




Dont forget that you are a tank,you are allways near your bishop and helping him by targeting the ppl that they are attacking him.

If you see that they are many close rangers near him you are using aura hate or vegeance if u see him that he goes down fast.

When your pt is getting attack from more than 1 pt you are using Shield Of Faith imediatelly.

Also you are allways using agressive to the ppl that make most dmg on your bishop.

Now if your bishop doesnt have many problems with the enemies ,you should agro the enemie's bishop so he can goes down faster.



Olympiad stategies




In Olympiad you should change the Beleth Ring to Ring Of Queen Ant.

Also, when you start buffing you should sacrifice your pet or the olympiad manager (you should let 1 empty buff to do this) ,then you use Angelic icon and Touch Of Life..

You are allways spamming agressive to your opponents ( remember ,it cost 0 mana)

Also when you are playing versus fighters dont forgot to use Spirit Of Phoenix,also when it goes lv3 you use Flame Of Icon.


Vs Mages

You should change your Frintezza's necklase to Necklase of Valakas.


Vs Daggers and Warrior classes

You are playing with Frintezza's necklase so you should stun them easy,most of the daggers got -str dyes.


Vs domi.

Buffs: ww,haste,last


You start with rsk. Focus blunt and

angelic icon,you should be low hp and

not using tol at beggin. When your hp

is going down you use faith,when it goes down again, use TOL and change

to sword. Try to be with FI and deal

some more dmg. But just2know,you cant kill a decent

Domi. Your only hope is to make max

dmg with your icons,cleanse his

debuff if your pet is still alive,and keep

your hp up by spamming sacri. If u

manage to do that you may win by dmg.


As a tank your anti-class is only Soulhounds but if shackle lands you can win them easy.


If u want to be more specific for olympiad strategies reply me with his class.

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