- probably the most durable of all tanks with his massive amount of heals+debuff removing cubic and high shield rate.

- Not really hard to play as, and has great potential

- Among the best classes for olympiad



- weakest damage output of all tanks. Elf tank has lowest STR, so lowest P atk, and the only tank with no offensive level 81 skill.

- Limited 81 skill - Touch of eva. unlike other tanks that can pop their seed skill and use it any time, touch of eva needs to be used at specific times.


Items needed:

Sword with focus with holy or water attribute

Bow with focus with any attribute

Moirai set (aim for overenchanted or foundation)

As many special/rb jewels you can get. These jewels have lower M.def but affect your skill land rate and your critical damage.

A nice hat to make you look fearsome


Key skills:

Life/Smart/Hate cubics - the cubics I use in olympiad/full buff pvp. Life cubic heals once in a while, Smart cubic mostly removes debuffs, Hate cubic has a strong root (that doesn't really land much) and aggression, which is nice. Enchant these cubics on power.

Arrest- Your root skill. you must cast it when you are around the target. This stops classes from running away from you. In time you will learn that a rooted mage is a dead mage, a rooted duelist isn't a dangerous duelist, a rooted OL/healer will turn himself to stone, etc. Enchant it on Chance

Ultimate defenses- Vengeance+Ultimate defense should be enchanted on Movement (or Remove Penalty), Shield of faith on Time. Shield of faith is probably the best skill TK has, and is a key skill both in olympiad and in mass pvp.

Shield bash- Not as strong as human's tank stun, but decent. I use it mainly vs nasty daggers in olympiad, ugly vesper using duelists, and healers (or other targets i disrupt) in mass pvp.

Tribunal- Your most damaging skill, with a nice effect. Reduces target's p.def for close combat and cuts its critical rate. Enchant it on Power or on Cost. I used it so much that it's probably the most reflected skill for me in this server...

Elemental Heal- while not really strong at base, when enchanted it will heal a lot. I would say it's the TK's most reliable heal, but it eats a lot of mana, so be careful with it. enchant it on Power.

Touch of life - Restores 50% of your max hp, increases hp regen/power of heals, debuff resistance and cancel resistance. Lasts for 2 minutes. You have to be careful when you use this skill, other tanks can steal it from you easily! as it heals the target's hp and not yours.

Touch of Eva - Requires Eva's will level 3. Restores 50% of your party's max hp, increases hp regen/power of heals. Lasts for 1 minute. Other tanks can't steal it from you, but it does require eva's will level 3, which isn't always there for you when you need it.

Agression/Hate Aura - used to distract your targets in mass pvp, and to steal heals from enemy temple knights/paladins/healers

Shield Deflect Magic- Your casual anti-magic skill. for few seconds sends back magic damage at the caster. key skill for beating casters, in and out of olympiad






these are your basic dyes. when you feel you control the TK well you can make also:



These dyes and items may look a little strange. Moirai is not a defensive set and lowering your con doesn't really make you a defensive powerhouse. However these dyes play an important role on how you win battles. Like I said earlier, TK is the weakest damager of all tanks, and by default maybe even among the lowest damage dealers in game. But with a focus sword, +dex,+str, and special rings, you can deal some real damage.



Depends on how you wish to play. Critical+30 or a combination of critical+accuracy is the best for full buff pvp, and is decent for oly. Reflect on your sword works good for olympiad, but not as useful on full buff pvp.



Blue reflect talisman / Blue talisman of shield protection / Red Talisman of Minimum or Maxmium

clarity / Life Force / Violent Haste / Blue talisman of buff steal. Use them in olympiad, as most aren't as useful outside.



Chance Haste, Chance Barrier, and either Passive/Active focus or Summoner certificate.


PVP DAGGER- For some reasons many ET's here, and players generally think a TK needs must use a cancel dagger. Overall? I don't think it's that important. In normal full buff canceling is for bitches and in olympiad, sorry to say, as TK I don't want my damage to be even lower than it already is. All tanks outdamage the TK, so using it against them is useless unless you are really really lucky and remove their boost morale and haste on first swing. and even then you should play with your sword for the rest of the battle if you wanna win. When is this dagger really effective? in mass pvp where you must cancel enemy's healers.



Until Hellbound the tanks role was to support the party by spamming hate aura and aggression on targets and protecting your party members. However, both skills were nerfed and had their re-use time increased greatly, and as new versions came out tanks recieved more and more offensive skills.

Overall, you still need to be protective, especially as TK. Watch your party members HP and think when to use your Shield of Faith and Touch of Eva. Personally I don't like being a "personal protector" of party members with aggression and hate aura, as sometimes you will be with weaker party members who could really anchor you because they will need constant protection. So think if you will do better if your party member lives and deals damage, or if he dies and you deal the damage instead.

The TK is not a killing machine, but he's capable of doing good damage to Mages, Archers, GKs, Duelists, Titans.

In full buff you will have 2 weaknesses: one is high end daggers. No matter how good you are, how high your accuracy is, a good dagger can avoid dying by you (And do high damage in return - Not to the point of you dying, but you will not find yourself winning). Second weakness is cancel. Classes that cancel you can pretty much kill you. This includes high evasion daggers, and soulhounds/spell singers that can avoid your root/stun for long enough to keep canceling you to the point of death.


Olympiad Detail:

Like all tanks, the TK can be a fearsome enemy to everyone. You generally have bigger advantage than other tanks when it comes down to facing Elven elders and overlords, but you are at disadvantage when facing other tanks. Doesn't matter which tank you pick, with the same gear they all outdamage you, so you can't make long battles with them. From all the tanks you have the highest chance vs the Shillien Templar. His Spirit of shillien deals devastating damage and keeps him alive, but he has nothing beyond that except a cancel here and there. Your victory depends on how often you root him. With enough roots you can kill him. with not enough roots you are outdamaged and lose.

Phoenix knight: A tank custom built to beat you... Has a pet that is hard to kill, has strong heal that does not consume MP, has angelic/flame icon, 2 buffs that greatly increase pretty much everything, and a loooong stun. Your basic strategy is to take out pet as soon as you can, then try to take flame and angelic icon head on, sustaining their damage and dealing enough damage in return, to hopefully kill the paladin. Buff steal can be fun here, especially on angelic icon

Hell Knight: Probably your most interesting matchup with the most possible results. battles vs hell knights depend on luck more than anything else. Depends on which buffs the cancel takes, how well your root lands, how well his debuffs land, etc. The longer the battle takes, the higher you are likely to lose.

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